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“When I first started out as an entertainer, I was doing what I wanted to do ---performing in and around  the northeastern United States, Syracuse, upstate New York, Canada, and  New York City. My life changed when the leader  of Cameo called and asked me to join his group in the studio in midtown  Manhattan to record with them on their first album.  I was there in a flash!


I soon learned it was the business side of music I had to concentrate on if I was going to attain true success and decided to apply to law school. I chose a nearly unheard of discipline: entertainment law. My father, who was also a lawyer, asked me“what are you thinking?”  Entertainment law  was new territory, but choosing that path was the best move I’ve ever made.


I still perform and write  but today my focus  is on sharing the information I’ve learned  (and continue to learn every day through my ongoing educational efforts)  with my students and clients -- reminding them 'every time the music gets played, somebody gets paid' and what it takes to get paid and stay in the music business.”



Tune in to Squawk Alley on CNBC Monday, Nov.23rd at 11am when Attorney Kellogg joins Carl Quintanilla to talk about a music business hot topic.


Kellogg has joined Renada Romain on SiriusXM Hip Hop Nation Ch. 44 to discuss the business of music. Tune in regularly to keep up with Renada's morning show -- along with the LMB Network with Thomas Anderson--and get ready for the return of Kellogg with the latest in industry business.

Take Care of Your Music Business, Second Edition, Taking the Legal and Business Aspects You Need to Know to 3.0.  Available in paperback and e-Book.

He's Back!--Classes start February 2, 2015 Introduction To The Music Business

Developed and presented by Kellogg his class was the first on the MOOC platform to focus on the music business. Kellogg shares info on the proliferation of 360 degree deals, value of the copyright, importance of live performance, responsibilities of managers and agents and more. Join him. Register today. New class starts 2-2-15. 

Tune in when John joins Doc Wright to put a wrap on some hot topics. Airing bi-weekly on Power 620 AM, Clearchannel's Syracuse Urban music station, "The Biz” focuses on the business behind the music.


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John P. Kellogg is Program Director Master ofArts in Music Business, Berklee Online at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. A consultant for music business and entertainment matters, he is a retired entertainment lawyer.  An  author and  former talent judge for the Emmy Award winning Community Auditions,  he is also a  radio and television music business commentator.   John has represented recording artists Levert, The O’Jays, Eddie Levert, Sr., LSG, Stat Quo of Shady/Aftermath Records, G-Dep of Bad Boy Records and served as a member of the management team for late R&B recording star Gerald Levert, whom he represented throughout his career.  Kellogg, presided as board member and was president of Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA) is a former board member of Black  Entertainment and Sports Lawyer’s Association (BESLA) and a 2005 inductee into the BESLA Hall of Fame.  He has been profiled in Billboard, Ebony, Black Issues, and In the Black magazines and was named to the 2009 Ebony Power 150 list of African-American Organization Leaders. He was licensed in the states of New York and Ohio.
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